The Stroke


Oh man. The teenie-tiny blood clot that changed my life. The dead brain tissue that changed my gait, balance, strength and mind. That millisecond that changed my school plans, delaying that perfect life I have been planning with my husband since our second date.

Long story short here’s how this nightmare can happen. Ready? I was in a car accident. Not a total job, but a good sideswipe. That good sideswipe tore a pair of arteries that supply my brain with blood. For those of you not educated in the anatomy of arteries let me give you a quick lesson. There are layers to an artery. The inner-most layer is made up of smooth tissue that blood cells just slide right off of. If you tear the inner most layer, it exposes a middle rougher layer that blood doesn’t slide right off of. Blood can accumulate on this layer, and develop clots. Those clots can break off and travel up into the brain. There you have it folks. How a perfectly healthy 30 year old can go and have a stroke.



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